Unit Investment Trust Fund | UITF

UITF | Unit Investment Trust Fund A Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) is an open-ended pooled trust fund, meaning you can invest or redeem your investments at any time subject to guidelines set forth in the UITF Declaration of Trust, denominated in pesos or any acceptable currency. Each UITF product is governed by a Declaration of Trust (or Plan Rules) … Read More

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds An investment program that trades in diversified financial markets or securities and is professionally managed. There are 2 ways to earn from Mutual Fund Dividends form investments Increase in security value What are the types of mutual funds in the Philippines? Bond Funds: these funds are primarily focused on government treasury notes and corporate or commercial papers by … Read More

New Tax | Bigger Take Home

If the new Tax Code passes and becomes a law you can check on the site below how much you would be able to save http://taxcalculator.dof.gov.ph/

SM Prime Holdings Offers 5.1683% for your Investment

  If you want a guaranteed return on your interest you can try this one offered by SM Prime Holdings Minimum Investment: ₽20,000 additional investment: Increments of ₽10,000 Interest: 5.1683% Offering Period: May 4 to May 11 Due Date: Year 2024