11 Simple Steps Before Investing in the Philippine Stock Exchange if You are an Employee 

1. Save 10% of your income

2. Save until you reach ₽30,000

3. Open a Savings Account and use the ₽30,000 for opening a savings account

4. Save ₽ 5,000 or 20% of your income whichever is higher directly to your new savings account

5. If your account reaches ₽60,000 open an account with your preferred stock broker

6. Deposit ₽30,000 to your trading account

7. Continue Saving ₽5,000 / 20% of your income and directly put it on your trading account

8. Buy any 2 stock with 1 board lot each

9. Sell those 2 stocks after 2 days

10. Study/research what stock/s to buy that you would really invest in

11. Now you are ready to invest in the stock market