5 Steps on How to Invest in the Stock Market

It’s actually pretty easy to invest in the stock market. You would only need 5 steps before you can start.

Step 1: Open an account with a broker: you can check out the list here: click this for the list

Step 2: Fund your account. Some would need an initial deposit of 5k and others would need 100k. i suggest to have 25k starting point.

Step 3: Login to your account. The broker would send your login details a several days after your initial deposit.

Step 4: Buy Stocks. which one? That is the most subjective question you’ll ask

Step 5: Sell your Stocks: The question is When? That is the hardest to do because your stock could still go up or go down nobody can guarantee anything.


In Just 5 steps you are able to invest in the stock market. But would you be successful? That is a different story