Blue Chips are Safe . . . Not

After attending a Christmas Party last night I went straight to the MRT station to get a ride to work. While inside standing and trying to cool down I overheard this guy talking to 2 girls about ups and downs and I finally decoded what they were talking about, Stocks. It seems like they just came from a seminar or something but they continued to talk about different companies like $Meg $JFC $ALI and personalities like Andrew Tan and others . One of the topic they talked about was risk and the best option for this guy to be safe are blue chip stocks. I wanted to butt in but I was kind of shy to tell them that no blue chips are not safe. The only difference these companies tagged as blue chips would be the liquidity in terms of selling your stocks because you would know that there are a lot of buyers and sellers for this stocks, therefore if you need the money you can easily sell your stocks without losing too much value and most likely Blue Chip stocks have reached its potential in terms of price movements, yes the prices will still move up and down but it would be minimal unless there is really bad news from the company.

The list below shows the Blue Chips in the PSE and their are often called PSEi

PLDT or $Tel: 

from ₽3200 to ₽1320 that’s (58.75%) loss

Universal Robina Corp. or $URC

From ₽232 to ₽158 a looks of (31.90%)

Just like my advice to my friends and colleagues if you’ll invest in any financial Investment make sure you treat it as a business where you need to check on it every now and then.