Earn 4.25% from the Government Retail Treasury Bonds (RTB)

If your money is just stock in the bank and and earning as little as .25%-1% then it’s time for you to try out the government’s Retail Treasury Bonds meaning our government needs money to fund some projects and it needs money and instead of borrowing money from ADB, WB, China, Japan or US they are actually borrowing from us. The win-win situation here the government is willing to pay 4.25% interest and this is minimal interest for the government. See sample computation below for ₽50,000

And this is guaranteed by the government. Since this is the government you are almost certain that the government can pay you back, unless there would be a war or something much worse. 

How to avail:

Note: minimum investment: ₽5,000

So what are you waiting for? Transfer your deposit accounts to these RTB and earn more while helping the government.