How Much Do I Need to start Investing in the Stock Market

This is one of the most commonly asked question every time I conduct my Investment 101 seminar and most of them would say is Php 5,000 good enough. The truth is Php 5,000 is not enough but yes you can start investing with Php 5,000 but for me if that is the only amount you can shell out, it means you are not yet ready to invest in the stock market. Why? Simply because you might not have the discipline in regards to saving. The analogy with Php 5,000  is that it is just a weekend money or a dress money meaning money for buying a dress so the thought of loosing that money is not great. But lets say if you have Php 30,000 invested. That is not easy money, its money we have saved and unwilling to lose but because there is a high probability of losing money in the stock market you will do your due diligence and at least do some effort to understand what you are investing in.

So to answer the question: Php 30,000 is the best initial capital for investing in the stock market