Stock Pick: Filinvest Land Inc. | FLI

Filinvest Land Inc.
Stock Symbol: FLI


Balance Sheet:



Future Growth:

Green City


Technical Analysis:

Support and Resistance: the stock is still on the down trend but shows a possible reversal if it breaks and hold 1.85 if not it might just play in the range of 1.75 to 1.85


Stochastic: The blue line crosses above the red line which is a buy signal




  1. Buy until you have enough volume between Php 1.70 to Php 2.00. If the price goes down to 1.70 wait until there is a clear buy signal you can hold or cut loss.
  2. If target of Php 2.30 is reached. Buy the dips until there is an announcement on the launching of the first turnover of Green City Phase 1.
  3. Sell portions of  your share.
  4. Either sell more or or sell at least half then buy the dips again depending on our economy. At this point whatever is left should be pure profit.


Update: 11/12/16

The market went down below the 7000 levels. With that FLI followed the trend going down to:

This should hold or else it would go down the 1.70 levels

Stochastic is a sell signal or hold for long term folks