This is not a rat race

I have been into investing for quite sometime now and something was bothering me, I was jealous of my other peers who are also into investing. If you ask me if what am I jealous about, it’s about their ability to earn from 3-5 times in their trades in just a couple of weeks or sometimes days. So I told myself I’ll try to emulate what they do. They are traders, so I traded, I bought penny stocks without really looking at the fundamentals of the companies. I followed their advise and bought a lot of it. Then I was earning 30%. The only problem was, I was greedy I wanted more. What happened I lost all my earnings and lost some of my capital, good thing now I’m in the positive. So I said how come they can trade and I can’t. So I studied their profile and here are some of their characteristics : this list mean that they have all the characteristics below but they might have 2-3 at least.

  1. They can check the market without being bothered by work or they don’t have an 8-5 job.
  2. They also lose in their trades but they set a certain amount or percentage in their loses then get out.
  3. They have a lot of money to begin with, so they can hype a certain stock and move it to a direction they want it to be, or they are just using their “play money”.
  4. They take profits and it is planned 
  5. They have been doing trading for some time now.
  6. They can hype or influence others.
  7. They use all technical Analysis t
  8. They have connections to firsthand information

I learned how they did it and I looked at myself and understood myself. That’s the time that I realized what kind of investor I am. That’s also when I came to the understanding that if I continue to compare the success of others to my success i would not reach my personal goals, there would always be somebody else better than me. So what I did is just focus on my own goals and set the proper timelines on when to achieve them and continues education.

“This is not a race, what matters is you reach your destination”